What is a Sixth Form?

After school programs are not new, parents that want their children to perform well and to get into a good universities, sign them up for these. A sixth form is the next step, once a student finishes their regular education, they can enter this program where they are to get advanced qualifications.

Institutions that offer these kind of programs are predominant on England, Wales, Ireland, India and the Caribbean. The college degree that students receive after finishing the two years are recognized internationally. These programs are not mandatory but they help students that wish to enter an Ivy League on the United States or any of the most important universities in Europe.

What Do They Learn?

6th form in Birmingham colleges have curriculums prepared for every level since Year 7. Students will learn about advanced science, languages, art, sports and religion. Each subject will be approached from an academic perspective and not just the general information that is usually taught on public schools. As the students advance on the program they will acquire skills but also will develop their character.

Admission Process

Each institute has its own process and criteria to choose their students. 6th form in Birmingham institutes work with a “node” systems, it means that they choose students that live closer to the campus. Students with siblings on the same program have priority when the admission process opens.

Some schools have sixth form programs, these programs usually take up to 100 students every term and only handful of external candidates are admitted. Other institutes have a similar policy where they only take 150 students or less, the students can apply to those programs since they are about to start Year 7.

The Goal

Sixth forms are educational programs but their goal is broader than just getting students into good universities. These institutions have created a philosophy and their curriculums are strongly based on the goal of making good citizens out of their students.

Kids that attend sixth forms will be assertive and open to new challenges. The programs also teach them about diversity and tolerance. A sixth form is about more than good grades, it is a transformational experience for children and their parents.